The Compostela Trail, an experience

I started a guest house in Figeac, and it’s like being at home!

I started as a hiker, then as a pilgrim on the route to Santiago de Compostela, before choosing to open a guest house in Figeac a few years ago.
I’m attached to the values I encountered on the trail, and I’m convinced that its beauty, nature, spirituality, human encounters, architectural styles and authenticity all add up to a hiking trail which stands out…
My job is to welcome you from your day’s hike (Decazeville, Livinhac-le-Haut), and to help you be on top form to start again on the route the following day, be it :

  • towards Carjac, on the GR65 marked trail
  • on the Célé route, via the GR651 marked trail. On this route, you can make one or more stops in a rental kayak.
  • on the path to Rocamadour, via the GR6 marked trail

In order to achieve that goal, I offer you the experience of convivial exchanges, a clean and quiet accommodation and a copious breakfast.

I wish you a gorgeous visit of Figeac as well as a grand Compostela Pilgrims’ Trail!

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