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My friend Nelly and I stayed in June, on our way to Rocamadour. A really beautiful break in this guest house where Frédérique and Théophile welcomed us so kindly and refreshingly. You feel right at home: the meal is shared and tasty whilst the accommodation is very clean. Frédérique gave us really useful information to carry on travelling, pure joy! Genuinely, I highly recommend this gite. Thanks again for hosting us superbly.

Marine - 8 December 2018

I had a stopover at Gua’s gite in April with my daughter. We’ve been warmly welcomed and have really enjoyed the vegetarian lasagne. I recommend this family guest house which exudes great serenity. I highly recommend this address.

Daniel PEDULLA - 2 December 2018

I undertook the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela with my dad, who had already started it several years ago. We had a stopover at Gua’s gite. From the outside, we didn’t expect to find out what was behind that gate. A pretty, zen garden, very well kept, where each pilgrim can have a rest from his/her day. And also the place to hang your freshly washed clothes. As well as very warm hosts: Frédérique and her son, Théophile. Very comely, they offered us drinks as soon as we got there.
In the evening, we ate around a generous table, yet within a cosy atmosphere, which reflected our hosts’ welcome. Frédérique cooked an organic homemade dinner from her harvest of the day. I have her nettle soup in mind, in particular: Superb! Accommodation-wise, we had a big room with 2 beds and a wash-hand basin, with a garden view.
A good meal, a good night, a breakfast, that was all we needed to be on our way again. Before that, our hosts offered to weigh our backpacks to make sure we were leaving in optimal conditions. A small but actually pretty crucial attention when you know you’re off for several kilometres again.

Gaelle - 2 December 2018

I have very fond memories of our stay in May. There, we found a hearty welcome, a sense of peace as soon as you push the gate open, a pleasant atmosphere and a delicious meal. To be recommended without moderation.

Sabelline - 27 November 2018

It was my first day on the route to Santiago de Compostela. Excellent welcome, delicious meals and a beautiful garden. It’s obvious to see that Frédérique and Théophile love their guest house, they take great care of it and enjoy sharing it with pilgrims.

Louise - 26 November 2018

First of all, you push open the iron gate which leads to a path of flowering shrubs. Already, the background street noise is fading behind you. Then you push a second gate, wooden this time, and there the contrast is startling: the Gua guest house appears as what it is: a harbour of peace in the town turmoil.
Frédérique and Théophile welcome you kindly, caringly and instantly: you get the feeling you’ve known them forever. The rooms are clean and well organized, the long garden buried in bamboos will let you resource yourself before the meal, which will be simple but scrumptious, homemade by Frédérique, avid fan of home produce.
The spirit of the Santiago de Compostela route inhabits this place: pilgrims themselves, as well as Frédérique and Théophile, will happily volunteer to share their experience without fuss. We were a group of four friends that evening of 11th of September 2018 and that stopover was a beautiful moment of shared emotion between us. Thank you, Frédérique, for your welcome which was simply “human”. Michel de Marennes

MICHEL TARDIEU - 26 November 2018

Very good welcome and highly clean guest house. We had delicious meals. Thank you for those shared moments. If we’re coming back through Figeac, we’ll be sure to stop over at yours again.

Maryse DUCASSOU - 26 November 2018

Superb stopover on the route. We were starting off a week in the Célé Valley, it couldn’t start any better! Frédérique and Théophile’s welcome was both gentle and warm. Frédérique shared her knowledge of the route. An address to be recommended and sampled again and again…

Francine - 26 November 2018

Excellent welcome, very agreeable stay and high quality delicious meal: a must stop place. Frédérique and Théophile are very helpful (Frédérique came spontaneously to bring back my little notebook which I had forgotten and which I would have dearly missed). Our hope is to find such guesthouses all the way.

Basquin Francis et Madeleine - 26 November 2018

Beautiful welcome, pretty guest house, a delicious meal: I recommend it.

Kerna - 24 November 2018

It was a genuine pleasure to stop over in this guest house. Last March, Frédérique kindly welcomed us during a one-night stay. The dormitory was comfortable and the bathroom was spotlessly clean. I vividly recommend this gite.

Aurélie - 23 November 2018

A stopover which takes you spontaneously towards conviviality. Frédérique and Théophile will welcome you and share with you the experience of the route to Santiago de Compostela. The table waiting for you in the evening will bring you the great flavor of home produce, and Théophile’s homemade jams will ravish your palate. Thank you again for those shared moments. I wish you a continued success.

Jeff de Cabourg - 23 November 2018

What you feel immediately at the Guâ guest house is the spirit of the route to Santiago – from the entrance, the short alley acts as a tunnel from the avenue, and once the tall and beautiful wooden gate opens, you’re elsewhere: exactly what happens on the route.
You stumble upon a pretty area to shelter backpacks, and then the garden, as well as Frédérique and Théophile welcome you. It’s as if they already knew you: they radiate simplicity and sincerity, like a charm, like the route.
Partaking in the meal around the square table feels like a privilege and still, Frédérique brings foods which require dedication: the spinach roll, the omelette – tortilla, the jams…
There, you have it, the summary of our stay: it’s the kind of place where they pamper you. Frédérique and Théophile have found their path; you get to share it for an evening.

Monique JÉRÔME - 20 June 2018

We have stayed one night at the gite. Very, very warm welcome from Frédérique and Théophile. Delicious meal. Two very endearing individuals whom we’d enjoy meeting again…

KERGAL - 11 June 2018

Thank you both, Frédérique and Théophile, for your welcome and your kind attention, the excellent meal and the good rest as well as the conviviality.

Houot Maurice - 30 April 2018

We’ve had the pleasure of staying overnight at this guest house and I have to say that it was a very happy moment, a hearty and thoughtful welcome as well as a succulent meal, therefore I recommend this stopover. Martine Dominique

Héritier - 16 March 2018

A lush and calm corner, hidden behind the town walls, where to grab a warm welcome, a delicious meal and a restoring sleep. A guest house not to be missed. Thanks to Frédérique and Théophile.

Françoise Wurtz - 6 March 2018

Frédérique, a Mum who knows the Santigo de Compostela route, and her son Théophile, welcomed us at the Gua guest house as if we were at home! The place and its decoration are both refined and soothing, and our hosts were very considerate of our comfort and rest after our 25 km / 15 miles hike! The big square wooden table was most pleasant and lent itself to exchanges and sharing with other pilgrims around an elaborate meal, infused with delicious country flavours from natural produce (love-at-first-bite: Jean-Claude’s jam, if memory serves)… A house where you definitely want to come back! Thanks!


On our route towards Santiago de Compostella with my pilgrim brother Pierrot, we had a stopover on the 3rd of June 2017 at the gite of Gua. At the end of a long stretch of hike, we discovered a harbour of comfort behind the metal gate: a beautiful house with character, its terrace and garden, the kindness of our hosts, Frédérique and Théophile, a generous welcome both materially and spiritually, well within the authentic philosophy of the pilgrimage route. A must select stopover on the route, without hesitation.

DESARMEAUX Bernard - 13 February 2018

On the 05/09/17, stopover at the gite Le Guâ. I was surprised by this beautiful place as soon as I went past the little garden’s gate. Very welcoming people are available to the pilgrims. Pleasant food with garden produce. Moreover, Frédérique’s pieces of advice were very practical and precious for the rest of the journey. Next time I’m starting off from Figeac, I’m definitely staying there

Jacqueline vailhe - 10 February 2018

Thanks for Frederique’s welcome on the 22nd of June 2017. That day, the excellent, copious and balanced meal was just what the poor pilgrims needed after having suffered extensively from the heat wave. I highly recommend it.

PODEROSO Meritxell - 7 February 2018

Excellent welcome. Very well organized and warm guesthouse (including the great table to gather all dinners). The dinner and the red wine (Cahors) which went with it also left me with really fond memories. I strongly recommend it.

Éric from Clermont-Ferrand - 5 February 2018

Very good welcome. Both mother and son are very close to pilgrims. Very clean lodge. Excellent and copious meal, with vegetables from the garden. They’re marvelous people whom you’d want to find all along the route.

Lauret Jacqueline - 30 January 2018

We stayed in your guesthouse for a second time and nothing has changed: you remain welcoming and know the art of creating a pleasant mood. You round up troops to unite individuals and the result is a friendly gathering around dinner. No isolated hikers, just a friendly group. Beautiful stopover within the spirit of the route, thank you.

Brigitte et Christian MOULIN - 29 January 2018

I stayed overnight at the gite last May, only to find the type of welcome you get in Guesthouses run by pilgrims, in this case the pilgrim was ever listening and full of good advice. To top it pleasantly, the food is really good.

PERINA - 29 January 2018

My husband and I stayed in the guesthouse twice, in May 2016 and October 2017. Thank you again for your wide open door, your trust, your hospitality and the possibility to eat with you. I strongly recommend this place. Annette and Herwig, German pilgrims.

Annette - 29 January 2018

What a superb stopover on the way. I cherish the memory of a magnificent evening there. I recommend it!

Marc Vino - 28 January 2018

A magical place with a friendly welcome and an incredible bijou garden. An excellent dinner, a super breakfast, a gite well worth stopping over for a rest. Thanks to both of you!

Laurence Mosca - 28 January 2018

Best gite encountered in France. High quality welcome and organisation to accommodate each pilgrim. There you’ll find a presence, careful listening and meal quality for dinner, all of which are remarkable. I’m under its spell.

Champion Jacques - 28 January 2018

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